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  • [SOLVED] VE Pro Weird DP Dropouts

    Running Dig Perf 7.2, Mac OS 10.6.8.  Using VE Pro as an internal server on same computer for two VE Pro instances in my sequence.Running all updated VSL software.

    Set the Threads number to '4' (because I'm running two instances of VE Pro within my sequence).

    Everything works well while one of the tracks (in either instance) is armed to record MIDI.  The tracks all play flawlessly, no jerkiness, hiccuping or stuttering.  Even while recording some crazy amounts of voices.

    However, when I'm not recording MIDI and a VE Pro track is not armed to record, the VE Pro voices have this really bad hiccuping, stuttering behaviour (all tracks coming from both instances) for approximately two measures.  Whether I'm playing one track or all 16.

    Any idea what the heck could be causing this?  I am out of ideas.



  • Yep! Go to DP's Preferences. Click on "Audio Plug-ins" under "General" in the list on the left.

    To the lower right of the preferences, there's two pop-up things for "Plug-in real time preference:"

    For both, select "Virtual instruments in Real-time"

    That should do the trick!

  • Randin, Thank you!  It DID do the trick.  I really appreciate the help.