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  • The upcoming VI Pro update.

    Hi to the forum,

    I am just wondering what is meant by the ability of the new VI Pro player to "trigger rhythmic" patterns.

    The newsletter from VSL says that the new player will be able to  "Trigger rhythmic patterns, phrases, runs, and more at the touch of a single key – an inspiring time-saver!".

    Is it possible that someone at VSL could let me know a bit more about the rhythmic patterns, and it's ability to trigger them?

    Thanks if someone as able to give some more info on this. This sounds really interesting!



  • Hi Steve, 

    It is indeed VERY interesting, and we will explain it in detail as soon as we´re ready to release VI PRO 2!

    Thanks for your patience, 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    thanks kindly for your reply. Well, I am really looking forward to know more when the time is ready for it's release.

    thanks and best regards,

    Steve [:D]

  • Did I read somewhere that this is also an update to VE Pro coming soon? Any more info on this? How much? thanks.