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  • No VTSi's in VE Pro on Mac ??

    Sorry if this is covered already. I read the FAQ and clicked on a few popular tags in the forum and didn't see anything on this topic. I couldn't see a search function for this forum section. I am running Mac OSX 10.6.7 ProTools 9.0.3 and the newsiest version VE Pro as a demo on the eLicencer. I have NI Komplete 7 installed as well as Waves Gold v7. I expected that VE Pro would allow me to add VSTi's as instruments. The add instrument dropdown only says AU, no VSTi's. All my AU's show up as expected. No mention of VST anywhere in the OSX version of the VEPro server even in the effects section.

  • Yes, it's AU only on Mac.


  • hey thanks for the speedy reply this helps !!