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  • Computer Upgrade Advice Needed

    I have recently (at last) added to my VSL library collection, and need to upgrade my computer.  The question is: what option is best?

    I currently have an i7 930 processor with 12 gigs of ram, running MIR SE.  At the very least, I now need to upgrade to 24 gigs of ram to be able to fully use the larger number of full libraries.  For what I have been doing to this point, with fewer libraries, the limits of that processor hadn't been pushed.  Do I also need to upgrade the processor at this point?  If yes, would it be better to get one that would work with my existing mobo, or wait, and get one of the new Intel chips (it could NOT be the extreme edition) due out in November, and a new mobo?  Given what I have spent on libraries, funds are limited.

    Would it be better to simply get the ram now, see how far that takes me, and upgrade the processor later?

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

  • Instead of investing in RAM I would invest in a SSD. You can easilly load 10 times as many samples into RAM when your libraries reside on a SSD. Of course it can become a little expensive if your VSL collection is large, but on the other hand you only need to go for the SSD with the lowest gigabyte per $ for your sample disk(s), since the performance of the drive isn't so important. It's the ultrafast seek rate (0.1ms) of SSDs that enable us to minimize what we load into RAM.

  • It all depends on what libraries you use whether or not an SSD would do anything useful, except make the loading take less time. For example using VSL samples you are locked to a 60kb pre-load buffer, so SSD does nothing for memory usage.

    VI Pro 2 will alter this, but if you ever use the start time controller, you won't be able to set the buffer very low, or you'll get pops an clicks up the wazzoo.

    Best thing to do is get more memory now, and then see where that takes you over the next few months.


  • DG, thanks for the comments.  This is one time where probably the gradual least expensive approach is the wisest.  Get the ram and then see how overall performance changes with the larger (for me anyway) template. 

    I have learned the hard way that it is best to avoid the "buy cheap, buy twice" method.  Hence, the desire to try to do some longer range planning so that I don't end up having to replace something I just bought or end up having to go in a different direction.

    Perhaps a better way of asking the question would be, in terms of processing power, speaking strictly in VSL library terms, within MIR SE, roughly how many full library collections (assuming the use of many articulations) can one run on an 930 compared to other processors - either 980, or 2600k, etc.?  By definition, I understand that such a question probably cannot be answered, as every person's template/use will be different.  Yet, being able to get some sort of rough idea would be helpful.  All I know is that with what I have been doing, there is still a great deal of headroom available.  What I don't have a feel for is how quickly/slowly that headroom will be used up.  My best guess is that things will probably remain fine for now, but that any potential future growth will be fairly limited. 

    As for an SSD, given my moderate goals, traditional drives should continue to work just fine.

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    Unfortunately in the computer world, there is no such things as long range planning (for users). The best you can hope for is 2 or 3 years. In order to get the best out of this, you need to make sure that there is scope with your motherboard to upgrade the CPUs, should processing power become a problem. For a largish template 24GB RAM is about right, so if your motherboard only takes 16GB (for example) compromises have to be made, such as using a smaller template.

    If you want to see some benchmarks, go to www.dawbench.con where you will find some interesting reading.

    Regarding MIR SE, as the number of instruments you can run is hard-wired (so to speak), processing power may not be a big problem. If you were using MIR and had a template of 100 or so Instruments, all playing at the same time, then it certainly would be.

    I'm sorry not to be able to give any absolutes, but everyone works in a different way, and there are many computers that people think are fine, or even fantastic, that would be unusable for me. However, more memory is cheap, and whilst it may not be transferable to a new machine, it will certainly help on your current one.


  • DG, thanks again.  I will check the dawbench site.  The mobo I have will accept 24 gigs (purposely chosen up front for that reason).  I can also upgrade the cpu, as long as it is a 9xx series - including the 9xx 6 cores, but doing that might not be the best option, given those 9xx processors are now at EOL (now if Intel was to have a "blow out sale"... [:)] but that is wishful thinking).

  • Be a little bit patient, the new version of VSL software is due very soon.

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