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  • VEP set-up Confusing


    After a lengthy trial to get VEP I'm now trying to figure out how to set it up and there seems to be a lack of very direct and simple instructions that I can find.

    I would like to have a master and one slave, both intel Macs.

    Do I need to install VEP pro on both computers ? I'm asking because the manual describes 3 licenses as being able to produce 1 master and 3 slaves....but without installing VEP pro on the master, then how do i get a  link between the master with Logic 9 and the slave ? or do I just need to install the VEP Pro server on the master, in which case where is the link and do I need to license that ?

    Apologies if this is obvious and has been covered a million times here but my brain is a little weary getting this far :)

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    Hi lawlermusic,

    The best quick start guide can be found on page 5 of your VE PRO manual.

    Hope that helps,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ah ok thanks ! So I'm assuming I have to install VE Pro on the master too.

    I think I have misunderstood how this works ...are the slave computers more like an advanced Logic node in that all of the instruments and AU's just need to be on the master computer and it utilises the power and RAM of the slave, or does the slave also physically have to have the libraries and AUs set up on it too ?

  • Hi, 

    It´s actually very simple. 

    You open a VE PRO Server on a slave machine or on your master machine. This SERVER works outside of your sequencer. 

    => In your sequencer, you insert "Vienna Ensemble PRO" as a plug-in, which opens a "Vienna Ensemble PRO Server Interface". 

    => Connect to the server you´d like to connect to, be it on the same machine or on the slave machine. 

    You need to have all plug-ins and libraries installed on the given computer to have them accessible in VE PRO. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL