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  • [SOLVED] vienna suite and cubase 6 problem

    hi there

    i just upgraded to cubase 6 and due to compatibility issues with other 3rd-party software i have to use the 32 bit-version of it.

    now the problem is the following:

    everytime i reopen cubase6, the VSL-plugins are not available anymore. i have to check them in cubase´s plugin-information-dialogue on every open. i could even deal with it, but once a VSL-plugin (the VST3-version, btw) is in use in the project, i cannot check it in the information-box.

    anyone else having the same problem? how can this be solved?



  • Sorry to hear about your problems. I'm sure we can sort them out.

    We would need a bit more detailed information, though. You're on Mac, right? Which version of Vienna Suite are you using? Are all eLicenser-related files up-to-date?

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • hi dietz

    i just found what what the problem is:

    i have to check both the vst2 and vst3 versions of the plugins. in cubase5 that was not necessary.

    all software being used is the most recent



  • ... does this means that you're up & running again? :-)


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @Dietz said:

    ... does this means that you're up & running again? 😊

    yep, everythning is fine again, thanks