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  • [SOLVED] 29 kB/s DOWNLOADS ?


    I'm trying to download Epic Orchestra using the Vienna download manager and I'm getting a max speed of 29 kB/s which will take 33 hours.

    Is it possible somebody can email me the links for manual download as I need to be up and running asap ?



  • Hello Paul,

    Sorry to hear about the low download speed. Our Download Manager uses the torrent protocol, unfortunately some internet providers slow down torrent traffic on purpose because some users consume a lot a bandwith using torrent downloads.

    But our records indicate that you've registered the DVD version of Vienna Ensemble PRO that includes Epic Orchestra. In this case, the samples of the Epic Orchestra are included on the DVDs that you have - this would surely be the fastest way to proceed...

    If this is not an option for you and if the problem with the download persists, I'd recommend to use another internet connection for the download, if possible. Otherwise please contact us at with as much technical information as possible (internet provider, IP address, ...), and we'll gladly take a close look at this issue.

    Hope that helps!



  • Hi

    Hmm odd, I registered the download version as far as I know, I used the serial numbers from Ilio ?

    ANyway I contacted support and they have given me a link to manually download Epic orchestra which I am doing now.