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  • External Firewire drive for samples vs. slave computer

    Thanks to all for your help so far. A couple more entry-level questions here:

    1. I'm running Pro Tools and VSL on a 4GB laptop. I am aware this is not the ideal way to do it, and I want to improve my setup soon. I often get little popping noises - disruptions in the sound. Can I eliminate this problem and improve general performance by putting my sample library on an external drive connected via firewire? Or is it a lot better to have a slave computer running Vienna Ensemble?

    2. If I were to move my samples (for now just SE plus Upright Bass), can I simply move the folder from my laptop's drive to the external drive, or do I have to do an actual installation process?



  • 1. IMHO there are two different answers, depending what is the reason of your "popping noises". a) put samples on the external drive only when you have them on the same drive as your DAW/system/other samples directory. In my experience putting something on external drive gives no adventage over the internal connection. CPU still operate on the same machine b) using VEPro you get ANOTHER machine with another CPU/memory/drives to use. A lot better to operate stream samples, worse not to have mobile machine (however I imagine it is still better to have two powerful laptop machines connected via VEPro than one with external drive via firewire - but this is only the supposition).