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  • Need help getting Vienna Ensemble Pro MIDI working with DigiPerformer 7.24

    OK, well, after a week of trying, I'm coming here to ask for help. I can't find a support link on the Vienna site, so I'm asking here. The main problem I'm having is getting MIDI to channelize correctly from DP into VEPro. It seems VEPro is getting MIDI no matter what channel I arm in DP. I'm not clear on how to address MIDI to multiple parts (or even a single part) of a AU plug, much less several multi-timbral plugs!! A step-by-step would be much appreciated! Regards, Greg in Houston TX USA

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    Hi greg328,

    You can always contact , and thereĀ“s a dedicated chapter called "Multi-timbral plug-ins in Vienna Ensemble PRO" and another chapter called "Routing" (the last chapter) in the VE PRO Manual that will be of interest to you (with screenshots and explanations)!

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL