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  • VE Pro - new layer 1 network protocol for better stability?

    Has the VSL team considered engineering its own network protocol to make audio/midi transfer more stable?

    I only ask this because I am aware that MusicLab's MIDIoverLAN product does this. It does not use TCP/IP, but instead installs its own network protocol/driver to communicate. From what I've learned, it is far more stable and potentially decreases latency issues because it is on a completely separate layer and does not have proprietary packet formats.

    There are other technologies of interest too, such as Dante which I have heard very good things about:

    Just wondering what the software dev team's thoughts are, and what made them settle on the currently used network transmission implementation?

  • MIDIoverLAN can send audio?

  • No, I'm talking about the network principle.

  • The best thing, if you have time, is to do a benchmark between Dante and VSL protocol [:)]

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