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  • Still possible to type in IP Address in Server Interface? -- Slave Instances not showing up

     Is it not possible to type in the ip address of the slave computer in the VEP Server? I'm having a problem with no instance showing up when I create a new Sonar project. If I open a project which already is connected and decoupled to a metaframe, everything opens fine.

    I'm jsut trying to get the main computer (Windows 7) to see the slave when I create a new project.


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    Hello Mahlon,

    Would you like to share a few more details about your setup? Which versions of OS, which software versions are used?

    I don´t see why you wouldn´t be able to type the IP address manually.... how does it look on your system?

    In any case, please make sure that you are using ALL the latest versions of VSL software and eLCC software!

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  Thanks Paul,

    I'm running two computers, one master - one slave. Both have Windows 7 64 bit. In the main computer (Computer 01) there are two network cards, one for the internet and one to connect to VEP on Computer 02 (this is a gigabit connection).

    Do you have any ideas about this? Everything is up to date with latest patches and versions

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Mahlon,

    Try the following:

    Click on start and type "firewall". Then click on "Allow a program through windows firewall". Check if  VEPro has a check mark in the "Public" list.

    If this doesn't help try to deactivate the firewall for public networks.  Type again firewall and select "Windows firewall with advanced security".

    Click on "Windows firewall properties" in the main window. Select "Public Profile" and turn the firewall off. Does the VEPro instances appear now?


    Bernd Mazagg

  •  Thanks very mcuh for that. I'll try it when I'm home tonight.


  •  Thanks again for those detailed and clear instructions. Marking VE Pro in the "Public" list did not allow the VE Pro server to see the slave machine -- so nothing changed there.

    However, when I turned Firewall "off" for the Public Network connection, the server is able to see the slave instances.

    But can I leave the firewall off? On a public connection? Or is there some way (a rule or something) to get the Firewall to let VE Pro through?

    EDIT: The above actions were performed on my main computer. The slave Firewall is "on" for the Public Profile, and VE Pro is allowed to communicate through the firewall for "Public".


  • Hi Mahlon,

    OK. Than go again to "Firewall with advanced security" on your main PC, turn the public firewall on again and add an inbound rule for VEPRO. You have to open the following ports:



    After that you should be able to see the instances on your VEPro server.



  •  Thanks for all your help. I couldn't have figured it out alone.

    In the end, it looks like Sonar was not set up to be allowed over the Public Network. I found this out by trying your suggestion above and finding that VE Pro was all fine and should be recognized. Then I noticed that Sonar X1 was in fact blocked. Opening open that allowance made VE Pro able to see the slave instances.

    You saved me a lot time and frustrations. Thanks.