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  • MachFive 3 and VE Pro?


    Have any of you out there (either from VSL or users) tried the new MachFive 3 with VE Pro, and if so, is it compatible?



  • This issue is also very important to us. Was the VE Pro ever tested with the MachFive 3 sampler? We would assume it has... but? Thank you, B.Midney MidneyMedia Inc team

  • Just purchased VE Pro 4.1.8861

    Here is the result on using MachFive3 in VE Pro on a single 4-core computer (2.93 GHx Quad-Core Intel OS 10.6.8).

    Two instances with one MachFive3 (16trk) in each instance is the maximum. Three instances – can’t handle – VE Pro crash! CPU usage is very high. Any solutions, VSL?

    Thank you


  • Hello Solos, 

    Please send the crash-report to , so we can take a look. How many instances did you get before?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL