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  • [SOLVED] VE Pro in Logic Only 8XStereo

    When adding VE Pro to Logic, via AU Instrument, I am only offered Stereo, or 8X Stereo. Interestingly, when I add Vienna Ensemble I am offered Stereo or 16XStereo. I am trying to get VE Pro to offer 16XStereo as well. I have also re-scanned and re-set the plugins with Logic's Pereferences Audio Units Manager. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  •  Have you set the VEP Preferences?


  • Thanks for the reply. In VEP preferences, I have AU Audio Ports set to 32, and RTAS set to 16. RC

  • Sorry I don't understand. The Prefs are set from the VEP server, so there is no option to have different ones for Logic and Pro Tools. AFAIK You would have to re-set them every time you changed program.

    All machines should have matching settings anyway.


  • Thanks so much for getting back to me! I was able to resolve the issue. The fix was a simple reset/rescan in Logic Preferences with the Audio Units Manager. However, when I tried it previously I thought the only thing to do was to click in the check box. I discovered the selection also needs to be highlighted. Again, I appreciate your response! Cheers, RC