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  • What is my upgrade options?

    Hello. I have: SE strings standard SE strings extended SE strings PLUS standard SE strings PLUS extended I want to get more articulations for my strings till they are complete, till I have all the possible vsl strings sounds. What the next step or steps? Anyone can help me? Thanx in advance.

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    Welcome lillosnx,

    The next step is to get the Strings DVD products.

    Your registered SE Strings products will be taken into account and you will get a discount on the Extended Libraries of the given sections.

    You should definitely check out the BUNDLE prices, they´ll save you quite some money!

    If you have any specific questions, don´t hesitate to contact us at



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • All of the string packages are very good, depending on your primary writing style(s).  It might be wise to first determine what styles you prefer to write in, and then select among the various string packages accordingly.  One thing that is important is to get both the standard and extended libraries for whatever string library or libraries you decide on.  The extended libraries add a great deal of musicality and many additional bowings.  For added realism, having access to a large number of bowstrokes is helpful.

    Many add AP Strings first as the SE libraries do not offer much at all regarding AP Strings.  If you do a lot of large cinematic type writing AP Strings is important.  But, its drawback is that it has much more limited articulations than the other libraries.  Others emphasize chamber and/or solo strings.  Both chamber and solo strings are very highly regarded.  There is also the traditional orchestra strings.  It has the advantage over AP Strings in terms of bowstrokes, but does not have as lush a sound.

    One thing I found to be very helpful as I started to sort through adding DVD string libraries was to listen very closely to the different articulations of the various string ensembles within SE.  Like you, I had all four of the SE libraries, and was looking to start expanding.  Doing so helped me to decide which ensemble sounds I particularly liked, and which ones I would most probably find the most use for.  If there is a particular string library that you use a great deal in SE, that might not be a bad place to start.

    As Paul said, look at the bundles, if it is at all possible for you to go that route.  Doing so will save you money.  One other thing that has sometimes been missed: all string libraries are divided into I: regular and II: sordino.  There is one exception: Orchestra Strings is divided as I: violin, viola; and II: cello, bass.

    Enjoy the process of determining what will work best for you!

  • Thank you very much for your recomendation. Really helped me.

  • As you consider the Strings DVD products, remember that you can LAYER strings. For example, layering Chamber strings on top of the Orchestral strings gives you a little more 'string-on-bow' sound. Not being able to purchase the entire Strings DVD collection all at once (!) I ended up getting the chamber strings first because I could layer those additional articulations on the regular SE orchestral strings. Not the ideal solution, but this way I got great chamber strings and was also able to squeeze more out of my SE Orchestra strings while my wallet recovered. Same idea with the SE orchestra strings--they have a lot more articulations than the very limited SE Appassionata. Layer the SE orchestra strings on the SE Appasionata.