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  • appassionate strings

    i purchashed special edition and special edition plus .iam sure appassionate strings were included .

    but they have completly dissapered anyone know why cheers phill

  • Did you purchase the Special Edition standard extended library?  The AP string files are in the SE extended library, not the SE standard library.

  • Hello spookyjaz,

    did you read the list of articulations? Concerning the AS the content only consits of staccato- and sustain-samples. The SE is a great product, but the AS-content imo is just a teaser for the big AS-collection.

  • totaly   gutted,according to vsl i never puchased them, just standard librarys for SE and SE+..... so although they have not actualy said 

    must have been running on demo mode ,i did find serial number certificates in the boxes but ignored them ,as was up and running from 

    serial numbers on bottom of boxes..have since lost   certificates....