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  • Empirical Labs Fatso and Warming Techniques

    Hi All, I'm contemplating purchasing a (hardware) Fatso to use with my VSL library (and digital audio in general). Wondering if anyone here uses one, or has used one, and what you think. A discussion re warming strategies in general would be welcome--esp strategies that don't break the bank. Thanks! Mike

  • Regarding warming, I would recommend Nebula 3 pro. It is a host for FX that you can add by 3rd party developpers.

    Specifically, I would recommend CDSoundMaster R2R ,The essential tape collection and tape booster +

    It would be too much to explain here all the details of Nebula and the tape collection. You can always google...

    Let me just tell you that these two things did wonder to mixes using Vsl and Mir. Mir creates a kind of subtle spatial information that can be easily spoiled by plug-ins. It seems many times the phase of the music is shifted when using plug-ins like UAD vintage compressors and the like.

    I couldnt use some Uad plugs because of that. However R2R and tape booster+  behaved perfectly, added some light compression and overtones. The imagining stayed intact 100%.

    If you know the exciter from Vienna suite, you get the idea in which direction this is working.

    There are people that complain about the workflow and the high cpu  taxing of Nebula. The quality, however is pretty indisputed.

    The Nebula forum: