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  • [SOLVED] VEP won't auto connect to my MacBook Pro

    Hi - when loading up my session in Logic, Vienne Ensemble auto connects to my two external PCs perfectly, but won't connect to my MacBook Pro. I always have to go in and connect manually each time I load my project. Is there some setting that is preventing this from connecting to the MacBook? Thanks

  • Probably because your laptop isn't using Fixed IP. Either use fixed IP (which will be a nuisance for Internet stuff) of just suffer the inconvenience of having to connect manually.


  • Thank you for the help. This seems to be something that happens with Macs as my PC's always connect fine. Would you happen to know of a tutorial to set a mac laptop with a fixed ip?

  • Got it fixed. A quick google search about how to make a fixed ip. Now its connecting fine. Thanks again for the tip!