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  • The Brass Wars? Some random thoughts

    With the release of three brass libraries this year so far with VSL leading the initial charge I wonder (besides very fast passages) what would I be missing if I didn't just expand my SE versions into Fanefare Trumpets, Tronbones, and Horns (already have Epic Horns)?  Sure it take a little more setup but that 'Hollywood' sound isn't too far off already when what I seem to have.  Just setting up Power Pan, EQ, Comp, etc seems the same sound would be achieved but maybe that's considered too much work?

    Anyways I just started this thread to spew some things that have been on my mind before I start spending any more money on sample libraries.

  • Hi Chris,

    I think you're on the right track. I was disappointed by the trumpets in SE, they're a little too dark for that victorious type of HW sound. But I did add the Fanfare trumpets and they definitely gave me the bright, forceful sound I was looking for. I would also suggest augmenting your SE trombones and Epic horns with the download versions. You'll get many more useful articulations.  Adding in some compression, EQ, etc... you can get that epic sound you're looking for.

    I did buy Cinebrass also, I'm glad I did. I enjoy layering both of these libraires together.