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  • How to Send individual channels from one Instance of VEPRO to your DAW (Logic)

    When I access my VEPRO Intance with one Virtual instrument created in Logic it will play all instruments loaded in that Instance of VEPRO. How do you route that midi info and the audio returning to a selected instrument in the instance and back to Logic. I would like to have let's say 10 instruments on one instance of VEPRO each one controled by 10 software tracks in Logic. Any other way?

    Anyone outhere running let's say all your strings on one instance, woodwinds on other, synths on other and routing it to the Logic individual lets say "Passionata Strings" on channel 1 to Logic channel 1?

    Could you please post a picture or detailed desciption on the routing out of VE PRO ro LOGIC?

    Very Appreciated!


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    Hi NPG,

    Please check out the chapter "Routing" in your VE PRO manual.

    You´ll find screenshots and detailed explanations there.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL