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  • Automating VEP from PTools

    Most people probably know this but I didn't. So after  18 months of using VEP I finally figured out how to automate vol and sends from PTool.

    I must point out that I'm not the only one who never figured it out.............cos it's not in the manual and for some reason I was always searching for midi CC numbers to send.

    It's so simple it's embarrassing.

    Go to the VEP plug in PT.

    Open the Automation Tab as you do in every other plug.

    It's all in there!

    VEP numbers it's channels from Left to Right so if you have automation happening on a channel and then re arrange your mixer strips then I gues you will mess everything up.

    It works great. I wish I had known 18 months ago.

    Note to hard working VEP staff: Assume nothing, explain everything