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  • [SOLVED] Vienna Special Edition and Special Edition Plus FULL Library

    I just purchased the the Vienna Special Edition FULL Library bundle, in which I'm supposed to have the standard and extended Libraries. I'm am pretty confident I have installed everything correctly. My problem is that, when I open VE and VI I can only see in the Matrix and Patch selection a limited amount of instruments. I don't see any of the Appassionata Strings, Chamber strings, the Alto flute, and some other horns and oboes. Also I don't see any instruments with an L2 on the side like it says I should. What can my issue be? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you. EBmusic.

  • Hello Eduardo, 

    I have checked your registrations, and so far you have only registered the Standard Libraries of the Special Editions. 

    You should have received a serial number certificate with your order that contains the serial numbers  for the corresponding Extended Libraries, please have another look. 

    If it´s not there, please contact your dealer directly. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul, Thanks for the reply, the Certificate was in my Spam folder. The dealer suggested i look there. Thanks Eduardo