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  • Trouble Bouncing VEP audio (w/ Digital Performer)


    I'm in the process of integrating VEP into my workflow. I'm using it with Digital Performer 7. I'm using the VEP server and DP on the same system with an instance of the VEP client in the DP V-Rack.

    When I attempt to bounce a VEP MIDI track, I get a soundfile with no signal. DP7 bounces in non-realtime. Is it not possible to bounce in non-realtime with VEP?



  • Hi Jeremy,


    Hmm, I cannot reproduce this here - offline bouncing works just fine here with DP 7.23...

    Perhaps you want to send me a zipped copy of your DP project to  , so I can have a look at what might have gone wrong.


    Best, Marnix

  • Hi Marnix

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry it's taken me a while to respond. I just emailed the DP and VE Pro projects to you guys. Thanks so much!