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  • How to ''blend'' the sound?

     Hello everyone.  Is there a way without Vienna Suite to obtain a more ''Hollywood'',  ''blending'' or fat and colored with VSL instruments?  I'll have Mir Pro soon,  are they tricks to do that with it?  Of course i prefer the VSL sound over EWQL sound,  but for some projects,  i would need their ''Hollywood'' sound.  What is the technique to obtain this with Vienna Instruments,  without Appassionnata strings?  Adding more reverb,  EQ ( more bass,  less high )?  Is it possible without exciter?

    Thank you very much!

  • this sort of 'glue' is largely about using compressors.

    I like the one in Vienna Suite best for VSL instruments. :shrug: the presets are designed for the instruments and certain approaches pertinent to it. if you're not real versed in what to do with a compressor it's a good point of departure. the compressor has a 'fat' button which sort of emulates the flattering rounding off of tape saturation.

    it's not real inexpensive but it is a good value considering all you get with it. at any rate, you seem to need to investigate the use of compressors. there are people that believe you go for this 'glue' sort of thing in a mastering process but I mix for that and don't rely on any mastering engineer.