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  • Will this work?

    Hello there!

    I have some deadlines that I have to meet, so I wanted to share with you a hypothetical situation and see if this would work before I potentially wreck my setup.

    I have 2 Mac Pros, both having 2 ethernet ports (came with Mac Pro). Could I have Port 1 on each computer going to my internet router. And then hook up the 2 Mac Pro's directly via LAN cable to each other from the 2nd ethernet port?

    They'll be able to see each other via the router as well as directly connecting. How does VE Pro Server "see" the 2 different connections? When I go to connect the instance, will it be distinguishable which ethernet port is available?

    Basically I'd prefer to have each computer hooked to the internet, for updating/ftp, and have the 2nd ethernet port as a dedicated VE Pro line.

    Will this work??? Thank you for any help!!! ~J

  • Yes !!! this will work. [:)]

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