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  • Override quick attack articulation auto trigger?

    Hello, This has probably been covered before, I just can't find anything about it. I'm using Appassionata Strings and in every basic sus_Vib patch there seems to be some kind of an auto trigger for a quick attack sample. This auto triggering happens when the space between two adjacent same pitched notes is small enough. The first note plays normally with a slow attack and the subsequent note comes out with a quick, more agressive attack (both velocities being indentical). So I have to adjust the ending of the first note earlier to make the second note play with a slower attack. Obviously, I don't want that space/rest between notes everytime I write music, so is there any way to control this behavior in Vienna Instrument? Thanks, - MPM

  • Have you played with the attack slider in the Advanced View?


  • I just tried the attack slider and it seems to work decently when assigned to a CC. It would still be nice to be able to control the actual sample switching there. Anyway, thanks for your quick reply :) - MPM