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  • Hanging notes !

    Hi , there is some concerning issue that I face from time to time : Description : I have a multi VI pro instances opened in VE (e.g. DBASS , CHELLO , VIOLINS , VIOLAS ...) and if I change the articulation via a MIDI controller for all of them a "Hanging note" occurs (e.g. the basses play a continuous sound until I reset (turning Off and On) the VE it self. This issue usually occurs with BASS ensemble and chellos (i didn't experience it with violas and violins) i think it is related to the basses and chellos programming ! Thanks

  • Which patches in what Collection? Which sequencer? Which OS?


  • Hi DG, I use Vienna Instruments Special edition - SE, Strings - standard not extended (and not plus) , my DAW is Presonus Studio One Pro Version 1.65 (the latest untill this date) running on Win 7 64 bit + 8GB and 3 HDDs(a dedicated HDD for the samples) and a ATI firepro V4800 graphic card. the problems occurs often with the DBASS and CEHLLO are found in an instance of Vienna Ensemble (not Pro!) which include : violin, viola , chello, dbass and a violins sections. The hanging note occurs when switching from pizzicato or tremolo to a legato/portamento mode, and usually have a Native Instruments Komplete 6 running on the same song. Sometimes it doesn't happen, and I've tested it under VE alone and it seemed fine, but I"ll continue on testing it to determine which notes hang. I think it happens when switching between certain matrices in the dbass and chello (most) Thanks !