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  • Microtuning and VI Pro V2+

    Hi I wonder if there is a practical solution for the microtuning in the upcoming releases of VI Pro ? the current situation : order to make a special microtuning settings, the user has to do it manually "Outside" the program, and do much trials in order to get it right ! 2.if the user has to change the tuning, then a multi preset instance has to be pre-prepared( e.g. if there was a violins preset with many matrices and has a microtuning setting, the same preset has to be copied with a different microtuning settings on it, imagine that you have to change a variable in one matrix in on preset then you have to change it in the other as well. 3.the ability to control the microtuning in multiple instances opened in Vienna Ensemble is missing. suggestions : integrated M.T. system within the VI Pro itself, that enables changing the microtuning for all preset within one instance independently from other settings (e.g. a check box in the preset that gives you a choice to make it a "SLAVE" to the master M.T system !) 2.a "MASTER" M.T control in Vienna Ensemble that enables all the instances to be "Slaved" to one MIDI controlled microtuning system (i.e. the Master M.T. in VE controlles all the VI pros inside it) this is my small dream (definitely not a Ferrari !!) and could bring the Vienna instruments into the LIVE world on stage, and let us perform in a very High quality samples ! the simple desired result : performing with a SSD based laptop with a MIDI controller that can change the tune for a single desired note for all instances, not to mention that from a Musical theory perspective view, the whole arrangement has to adjust it self around that note with a special microtuning (e.g. the chords played alongside the melody) - it becomes a new scale ! Thanks !