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  • Z68 Smart Response Technology Benefit?


    Just got Chamber Strings Bundle WOOHOO! My current primary DAW has a Z68 mobo with a 120gb boot SSD and then 3 SATA 7200rpm drives configured as AHCI.

    I was told by ASUS that I would need to re-install Windows in order to enable the new Smart Response Technology and then set aside 18-20GB as a separate partition on the SSD to act as a 'cache'. I'm -very- reluctant to play re-installing every app and licence when there's work to be done.

    But I'm curious as to how much it -really- would benefit a streaming app like VSL or Play or Kontakt as I'm preparing to upgrade my other 'orchestra' machine --- which connects via Gigabit and VEP'.

    SO: I am interested if anyone here has set up 'Smart Response' disk caching and what their experience has been.