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  • Some little problems in MIR

    For some reason I have had to install PLAY now - knowing of this little problem. Meanwhile we know that we have to expect the same behavior in MIR... Can we expect an update for our lovely spaceship too? :-) btw, since MIR 1856 I get steady crashs on loading if I work over network. Could be it's a problem with ip-MIDI (it has been updated this year too). Workaround is only to start the MIR machine first - it never occuring if I work on the MIR computer only. Has anyone made same experiences? kind regards Frank

  • Hi Frank,

    thanks for reporting. Yes, the "spaceship" will receive an update as soon as possible, too.

    ... I have no idea what makes MIR crash while loading, though. Please send a message with as many details as possible to  (... even in German, if you prefer :-) ...). We will look into it.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks, I will do it! and yeah, like to do it in german cause my english is poor. But I don't give up...:-)