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  • VST Expression Support Yet?


    I seem to recall hearing a couple of years ago that VSL would support and include VST Expression Maps for Cubase users. Did that ever happen? I've not kept track since---like VST3, so few vendors seemed to take interest. But now that I'm working with notation more and more I can see how it would be a great help. But I sure ain't gonna be the one to create all those maps! [:)]



  • If you already own a VSL library, go to your user area under Needfull things...

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    ThereĀ“s also a video available for "VST Expression and Vienna Instruments" [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Schweet.

    Although... having watched a few of these... The guy doing the voiceover in english is -creepy-. [:D]

  • Gee thanks [H]

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • AWKWARD! [:D]

    Don't take it the wrong way. Truth be told, you, like most northern europeans I know speak english better than native english speakers... and certainly better than -me-. What makes it creepy is that it's a bit -too- good, if that makes sense. Probably appropriate for someone selling sample libraries. ;)

  • Paul?  Was that you on those videos?  All this time I thought it was Arnold Schwarzenegger.[:P]  "Hasta La Vista Baby."

  • Paul, if it is indeed your voice in the video's, I don't think your creepy, lol... but you certainly have an enthusiasim with VSL. But that's great, as so do we all, right?

    Feedback, maybe it's just me but sometimes I think the vocal track on the video's is too loud. I usually have to turn down my volume when I hear speaking, then turn up to hear the music well. I know this is an almost pointless bit to bring up, but I guess I'm on 'feedback mode' this weekend. [:P]


  • Paul has a great voice, and is very comfortable in front of a mic obviously. I wish others were like that. I make webcasts in the securities industry every day, and I'd love to have someone with confidence and personality and who is natural. I spend 30 days a month (in a 31 day month) fixing people with no talent:(

    Keep it up Paul!