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  • VE Pro outputs fighting with ProTools

    I am running ProTools 8.0.5 on a MacPro OX 10.5.8. I am having major problems running VE Pro with one local and two external servers. After days of crashing every time ProTools closed a session I realized there is a big problem with having multiple VEP instances. I believe the trouble comes when Importing Data into PT from a setup template. I notice the Aux Inputs in PT add a ".1", ".2", etc to VE Outputs. Apparently trying to sort out the multiple instances. There is also a conflict with RTAS instruments within PT fighting with the VEP Outputs. Loading an instance of Kontakt in an instrument channel along side of an instance of VEP and the trouble begins. If both have Aux inputs set up to receive Outs 3/4 there will likely be a crash upon closing the session. Is anyone else experiencing this? Was this fixed in PT9?