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  • VE Pro metaframes not linking to DP

    Hi, I have a consistent problem the VE Pro metaframes. I'm told that all I have to do to load a metaframe in DP is load the metaframe first, then open DP and all my instruments will link up. However, when I do this, DP tries to load all of the VE Pro instances again, rather than seeing that they are already loaded and linking up. Am I missing a step here or is this a technical problem? How can I make it so my metaframes will load and automatically link to DP? I'm running DP 7.22 on an 8-Core Mac Pro with Snow Leopard. Thanks, Ben

  • In order for it to work the way you want, you have to set it up correctly in the first place. Try this test:

    1. Start server
    2. Start DP
    3. Load instance of VEP in DP with a few instruments. Make sure that you are running in coupled mode.
    4. Save Metaframe
    5. Save DP project
    6. Shut DP down and Exit VEP server.

    Now start the server, load your metaframe, load your DP project. Does it all work the way you expect now?