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  • VI Pro playing 3rd party libraries?

    I LOVE VI Pro. In case I haven't said it yet... I LOVE VI Pro!!!

    BUT, I would REALLY like to have other instruments played in VIP for the humanize feature, the matrix editor (FAR easier than the same function in Kontakt!) I'd like to sample a couple things myself and I HATE using Kontakt. I don't mind the idea of building patches in Kontakt, but if I could use VI PRO for everything I use I'd die happy!

    Any chance we'll see this? A open-format? Something?


    P.S. PLEASE!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!! lol (And yes, I'd GLADLY pay for such a feature!)

  • Sobar up; that will never happen...

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  • VIP is a great sampler. If every last VSL user wanted to use it for other samples then VSL would certainly have enough cause to do it. Putting that aside... an 'open format' is something that I doubt would be hard to implement. The program is already there, all I'm asking for is the ability to have the rest of my samples go through VIP, just as the rest of my VST's may go through VEP. The work wouldn't be much for VSL. I'm not asking VSL to create the instruments for me. I'm asking VSL to allow a format for VIP to read, that would allow other libraries to take advantage of the software.

    A great point- many EW users have been horribly disatisfied with PLAY. Not that EW would open their library for 3rd party use... but the point is that many samples out there simply use Kontakt. Kontakt is a limited program. Velocity crossfades in K is a joke compared to VIP. Humanize doesn't exist in K, Auto-divisi, and so on. The point? Kontakt is a good program, a general purpose program, but VIP serves these instruments better than Kontakt, no?

    Well, if I bought a bagpipe or a lute or another violin in a Kontakt format... I'd like to be able to use VIP for those also. It may seem far fetched, but some great ideas originally were. Whether or not VSL would consider this is irrelevant... it's a good idea either way, and one that would save me a lot of time.