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  • September Special Offer Question

    I am a bit confused regarding the September promotion #2.  No mention was made regarding ownership of the SE or SE+ standard and extended libraries.  Does ownership of the SE libraries also figure in when calculating discounts for new extended library purchases of the full libraries, or are discounts calculated based only on registered standard and extended libraries from the full collections?

    Thanks for the clarification.

    <edit>  Oops, looked at the promotion again, and saw that it looks like the SE libraries are included.

  • Hi noldar12,

    I confirm that both the Vienna Special Edition and Special Edition PLUS count towards the calculation of the discount for offer #2 - so they're not excluded from this offer. :-)



  • One follow-up question: does purchasing a bundle also qualify one to receive a free download instrument (offer #1), or is the offer limited to the purchase of individual standard libraries?


  • Hello noldar12,

    Bundles are only excluded from offer #2, it's perfectly OK to buy a bundle and take advantage of offer #1.

    So if you, e.g., buy our Orchestral Strings Bundle Standard Library in September, you will get two Download Instruments of your choice (Standard or Extended Library) for free, because the bundle includes two DVD Standard Libraries. :-)