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  • Cubase expression map problem

    I created a new expression map from scratch for the vienna concert guitar. I need to have a group of articulations to determine the key of a chord, the quality (maj/min etc..) and the play style (arp/rasg/batt). So I created 12 slots for keys (C-C#-D-D# etc..) I put in group 1 4 slots for chords (maj/min/maj7/min7) I put in group 2 4slots for pply style I put in group 3 but it doesn't work. How can I create 3 groups I can choose each a keyswitch inside and have cubase correctly send this to Vienna ensemble pro? thank you I struggle for DAYS!

  • Hello H4L!

    You will have to define every possible combination of all your groups to make this work.



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