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  • VSL & Ensemble Pro & Euphonix Artist Mix

    I have a rather geeky question which I'm a bit confused about. We have just installed VSL here. We have the full library installed across 2 'slave' computers, which will be controlled via a gigabit switch by 3 Mac pros in different studios with Ensemble pro - if that makes sense. The Macs we are using only have 2 ethernet ports. Obviously, 1 is being used for the web, and the other for Eucon (Euphonix). We need a port to control VSL over the network. What is the best way of doing this? Can you get extra cards installed on Mac pros, or is there some kind of switch/router solution? Which is the cheapest and most effective? Thanks for any help Will

  • I plugged my Euphonix MC Control into a switch, never had a problem that way. In other words, you don't need to dedicate your second ethernet port to Euphonix; I used my second port to connect to a switch, which in turn connected only to VE Pro slaves, and ran my Euphonix on the regular internet-connected network switch which I plugged into the 1st port. Lots of switches, but no glitches.