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  • VEP hangs during loading certain metaframes (Mac)

    I have experienced sometimes that a metaframe I created will hang during loading the next time I load it. I haven't really been able to conclude what causes this, but it always happens during loading of a Kontakt 4 program. To fix it, I can open the metaframe in the 32-bit server instead of the 64-bit one, and try deleting some of the viframes, save it again in 64-bit and see when it loads up fine again, then try adding the problematic viframe again, saving, loading it back up etc.

    That way I have manged to get my current template working. HOWEVER, I wanted to (by EastWest recommendation) try to get my PLAY instances loaded first, and since I can't rearrange the order inside VEP, I created a new metaframe and added all the separate viframes in a new order, loading all PLAY stuff first. Then I saved this new metaframe, and now it won't load back up. I have included a grab here so you can see what it looks like when it hangs.

    Anything you think I could do to make this work?