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  • Newbie question about dynamics in SE

    Hi Everyone I'm still new to the world of VSL. I just have a quick question about dynamics. When I started using SE a month ago, I assigned the mod-wheel to the x-fade slider and CC3 for on/off (controlled from within the sequencer, not via a physical button). I then assigned the mod-wheel to control the expression slider, and this works well for controlling dynamics. I have a basic midi keyboard with just a pitch-wheel, mod-wheel and volume slider and no other physical controllers. What is the best way to approach the cross-fade and/or expression parameters to create realistic dynamics? Any pointers are appreciated. Adriaan

  • Hello Adriaan, 

    I have seen many approaches to this subject. It´s really up to you. 

    One pointer will be that you can adjust the curve of the Velocity Xfade and Expression on the Mapping Control page....



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul Thanks for the tip. Adriaan