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  • Which is the most complete version of Symphonic Cube, I'm confused...

    Hello guys, first post! Been lurking and reading the past few days. I'm pondering buying the full Symphonic Cube boxset. I want the full Symphonic Cube, with all articulations/options available, but no matter which dealer's website I visit I can't seem to make sense of the different options. Take Sweetwater for example... This is listed as just Vienna Symphonic Cube, ...and if you scroll down it says "Over 800,000 samples and over 550GB of sample data" for $3430. But then they have a listing for Vienna Symphonic Cube Extended, ...and if you scroll down it says "Nearly 600,000 Orchestral Virtual Instrument Samples in One Great Package!" for $4440. So, 'Vienna Symphonic Cube' has over 800,000 samples for $3430, and 'Vienna Symphonic Cube Extended' has 'nearly 600,000 samples' for $4440. So the different prices for what you get have me baffled. The above is pretty similar to what I've found on several sites. no concrete information basically. Could anyone enlighten me please? What's the most complete package? Cheers.

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    Hello Archie,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Unfortunately the documentation on Sweetwater´s website is indeed misleading (we´ll get in touch with them right away), our product pages are always accurate!

    The SC consists of 10 VI Collections.

    Each of these VI Collections consists of a STANDARD LIBRARY (for the SC: 199,730 Samples) and an EXTENDED LIBRARY ( for the SC: 564,219 Samples).

    So the FULL Library (=Standard & Extended) is the most complete package of the Symphonic Cube.

    The STANDARD Libraries offer the basic articulations for all instruments of each VI Collection.

    The EXTENDED Libraries offer advanced articulations for all instruments of each VI Collection.

    Here is a sample content overview for, e.g., the Solo Strings.

    You can find the same chart for all products in our webshop when you click "Sample Content" in the menu under each product shot.

    If you are looking for even more instruments, check out our SUPER PACKAGE with 23 VI Collections (versus 10 VI Collections with the Symphonic Cube). The bundle savings are getting more and more interesting, the bigger the bundle!

    If you have more detailed questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us at



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for clearing that up Paul. I can't seem to find the FULL boxset on any dealers websites though? Is there a FULL boxset? Or am I just meant to by the Standard and the Extended Libraries separately which then gives me the full collection?

  • Hi Archie, 

    Yes, you can purchase Standard&Extended Library separately at Sweetwater, this will give you the FULL Library (without losing any bundle discounts). 

    I´d simply call the guys at Sweetwater, also to give them feedback to their website. We are always trying to monitor and improve all pages of our dealers, but of course changes take their time....

    Alternatively, you can also order on our webpage directly, of course. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL