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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro loads everything twice - Kontakt too!

    OK so I found out this problem isn't isolated to PLAY and VEP (server) loading everything twice. I noticed recently that this happens with Kontakt 4 too! With Kontakt it just isn't as noticeable if you use "background loading" as it will just read the programs twice, so it doesn't take twice to load - just a little bit more time.

    However this now seems to be a general problem with build 8008 on PC. It doesn't happen on my Mac. It happens in both Windows XP and Windows 7 with the 64-bit version, haven't tested the 32-bit version.

    So this seems to be a VSL problem - not an EastWest one!

  • Hello , I'm also very interested in a resolution for this . I'm using Win 7 x64 and yes , Play 3 loads twice for me , and I didn't even realize Kontakt was doing the same in background loading . It would be wonderful to have some update on this . Thank you. Matthew

  • As I wrote, Kontakt ISN'T loading its samples twice, when background loading is turned on. It is just loading its patches/multis twice. This barely adds 5-10 seconds to my 6-7 instances of Kontakt so it isn't really a problem. The problem is, that this means VEP is doing this with all plugins - including PLAY - and since PLAY doesn't have background loading, all sample loading takes place in the VEP dialog - which means it takes a lot longer than it should. So I think this behaviour must have been introduced in build 8008 or the one just before.

  • Can we have an update Vienna, is it being worked on? Ignored?

  • I'm investigating it now. Most likely it will be fixed for the next update.

  • Karel, that sounds promising - would be very cool!


  • This is happening here too, but it's happening all of a sudden and didn't happen before with Version 8008...and the load times are very slow too! I am not aware that I changed anything, the setup worked pretty good before. There is a new Version of VE Pro with a fix! I'll check it out asap! Thanks, Andreas

  • I've noticed this happens when I'm running Novation's Automap software. Whenever Automap is loaded VE-pro will connect/disconnect to the VE pro instances twice when loading a project. However, if I turn off Novation Automap, VE pro connects to my instances once. Note - I dont have to be running a novation wrapped plugin, but just running the Automap software causes this issue in my setup.  

    Is anyone else who is experiencing this issue running Novation Automap?