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  • Better memory allocation with VE Pro: How does it work?

    Hi, I'm new to the world of VSL (just got SE a month ago). I have a question, just out of interest, about VE Pro. I use Cubase 4 on XP 32 with 4GB RAM, and often had Kontakt issue a memory allocation panic when attempting to load samples of even a modest memory count, especially when I already had instruments loaded in EW Play 2.x and other sample players. I just tried out the demo of VE Pro (just using the local 32-bit server)using Play inside Cubase and Kontakt in VE Pro. This way I was able to load fairly large amounts of samples (for my system)with no problems. I would like to know how VE Pro achieves this advantage. It seems to be a better idea to run VSTi's in VE Pro instead of the sequencer.

  • Hello Adriaan, 

    We´re of course happy that VE PRO works well for you, we have put in quite some work to make it a stable host. 

    Cubase 4 is of course getting of age already - I´m sure that Cubase 6 would perform much better. 

    Hope you checked out the "Preserve" feature in VE PRO!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul Thank you for your reply and wonderful products. I will be moving to Cubase 6 and Win7 soon and of course I will be puechasing VE Pro soon, it just makes life so much easier.

  • I think the answer to your qestion is that software are limited to 2GB on a 32bit system so VE Pro uses the other 2 GB of ram you did not have acess beofre.