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  • How to uninstall Vienna Suite Demo

    I was supposed to be able to "recharge" my demo license for Vienna Suite, but it is not working. Now I get error messages when I open my sequencer saying the licenses are no longer valid.  How can I just uninstall the demo?



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    Hello Mike,

    you should be able to "reload" demo starts was often as you want within 30 days after you've activated the demo licence. Please contact if you experience any problems.

    For uninstalling the demo, there should have come a dedicated Uninstaller with the installation.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Oops!  I wish I had known that during my first 30 days.  I used up the loads after about 6 days, but didn't realise you could "reload".  Too late now!  :-)



  • Hello Astro, 

    6 days should actually give you quite some time to check out Vienna Suite [;)]

    Just sent you another demo license, donĀ“t forget to check out the Hybrid Reverb!!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    I agree, 6 days should be enough, but I was so busy I kept having to interupt my work and never got a lot of time to check things out!  Thanks for the "re-charge."


  •  Hybrid Reverb is awesome.

  • It is, isnĀ“t it? 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi guys, I too, see no way to "uninstall" Vienna Suite when I insert the original install disc. Can you tell me where this is? I have found that Vienna Suite conflicts with Final Cut Pro (another software that I use) and I cannot have VESuite running on my computer. (Final Cut Pro will scan for audio filters and scan my entire computer - when it sees the VSE, it freezes) -L.