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  • Chamber Strings - Vel Xfade Disfunction under VI Pro


    Chamber Strings Ensemble (non sordino) patch does not respond when Velocity X fade is switched on, when inside VI Pro. This is after the recent library updates, although to be honest I had not tried my Chamber strings library within VI Pro yet.

    Within the plain vanilla Vienna Instrument, it works as expected.

    All the above being within a networked VE PRo instance.

    Any one else had this? It's odd- and a little frustrating.


  •  Hi Ben,

    please check if "Velocity XF" is set to Global on the Edit tab (beyond the patch slots on advanced page).

    Set to "Global" the status of the global Vel XF button will be applied to a selcted patch, when set to  OFF this global settings are overruled.

    This enables you to set certain patches to a status of you choice and this won't be altered.