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  • Any way to assign hardware outs to VEP server?

    I was curious about what DG said in a previous post-- about using a separate PT machine to record the audio from VEP. He suggested using 3 computers: 1 to sequence, 1 for samples, and 1 to record audio. I was thinking about how to do this with just 2 computers to take advantage of the reduced latency when compared to using a slave. I would use 1 machine for both sequencing and samples (the samples would be housed in VEP server), and then send that audio to another computer. How then, would I get multichannel audio from VEP server to the audio computer? I can only select Net outputs in VEP, and not the physical hardware outs of my audio card. Thanks MOH

  • I you are putting the sequencer  and samples on the same computer, why would you need another computer to record the outputs? Just record them to audio tracks in the DAW.

    The only other ways that I can think of to do what you want, is to route the VEP outputs from you DAW to physical outputs, or to use VEP standalone, which sort of defeats the object of VEP.


  • I am trying to separate out the various processes so that my sequencing program can scream-- DP is a great DAW but it gets bogged down with huge track counts (not to mention that it's still not 64 bit). But maybe I am wrong... are you having success using only one computer? It seems like my computer, although it is a very fast Mac Pro, would not be able to handle all the dozens of instrument tracks necessary for a huge orchestral template, plus be able to do whatever audio processing I would need in real time at a low buffer. MOH

  • I do things in two stages. Note and controller input at low latency. Then either freeze tracks or whack the buffer up for mixing. For final mix of my albums I record all VEP outputs (around 90 or so) and import into my mix template.