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  • Workshop Video request

    Dear Paul, As I never be able to attend any of the VSL workshop,could you please record them and make them available for all customer. the attender who would like to review some section,and also the non attender. Thank you

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    Hello whlederman,

    All the information I talk about at workshops is actually already available in a very compressed form in our many video tutorials.

    We have tried to tape some of the 90-120 minutes demos, but it never turned out right.... also because it´s always a dialogue with the users.

    I´m open for all questions, you can always contact me via



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, Thank you for speedy reply I have all those video,but its always better to listen to other user in real world,to widen the Horizon but if the result of the recording is not sufficient, well!?..... Thanks

  • Please correct me if I'm wrong, I do not see any specific videos on these topics that will be discussed in your workshops: 

    • What’s the best way to combine all the resources I have in my studio?
    • How can I speed up my workflow?
    • How do I start building an orchestral template?
    • How can I achieve the big Hollywood sound without knowing much about mixing?
    • When do I use Convolution Reverb, when Hybrid Reverb?
    If Spectrasonics can somehow make awesome videos on the NAMM floor (I've also seen some GREAT ones showing your NAMM demos) then I would think VSL could make a great video of these workshops, no? If not, is there any chance of these coming to the States, particularly Los Angeles? 

  • Hi, 

    We´ll do our best, there will be many videos!

    I have just been on a tour through the US and Canada in June (NYC, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami).

    We´ll be in L.A. for the NAMM show in January (like every year), hopefully followed by the tradiional workshops at the 2 West L.A. Music locations in L.A.

    Good times ahead [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL