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  • VEP 5

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    VEP 5 "Circumvents Audio Units’ 16 MIDI channel limitation per Vienna Ensemble PRO instance (for Logic and Digital Performer)". What? Where? How?

  • Can't tell you how excited I am for a more than 16 channel AU.  This will make worlds of difference in my template.

    Vienna, can you squeak it out before October?  Please? [:)]

    Vienna, could I also recommend VE Pro 5 have a setting where you can enable and disable instances?  This way you could load a template but disable an instance you're not using to free up memory for other instruments, but then re-enable it later on if you want to.  Would be AWESOME if you could!


  • +1 :)

  • How come VSL aren't communicating about this? Did Sound On Sound publish the info too early, or what? Breaking the 16 MIDI channel barrier in AU is major workflow enhancement, yet no one from the company has mentioned anything about it.

  • Hello everybody, 

    Thanks for your interest. 

    We are currently beta-testing and improving many details with VE PRO 5.

    The workaround for more MIDI ports for AU will be described in the manual and shown in videos as soon as we are ready to present VE PRO 5 to the public. 

    Thanks for your understanding and patience,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Fair enough :) Thanks for the feedback.

  • WOW! This looks AWESOME!! The AU limit has been a royal PAIN and I'm very excited to see the solution! Also, did you guys see this - "Audio input plug-in turns Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 into a virtual FX rack on your slave computer." I believe means we can actually send audio from our daw into VE pro for processing! We CAN finally use it as a full blow mixer (that is if it has Plugin Delay Compensation and the ability to automate insert effects - both of which I'm hopeful will be implemented). Also, for you MIR users, this should mean you can finally take that singer you recorded dry in your studio and place them in the same hall as your VSL instruments!! VERY EXCITING STUFF!! I might actually have to take a good long look at MIR now, once its mac compatible.

    I want to once again publicly thank VSL for their continued innovation! VSL as a company is simply the BEST IN THE BUSINESS, especially when it comes to innovation & listening to their customers!! That is one of the many reasons I'll continue to be a VSL customer FOR LIFE!! THANK YOU!! 

  • Nice surprise :) Hopefully midi tempo can be freely adjusted when not used with a host, so far in standalone everything runs with 120bpm and can not be adjusted.

  •  How did I miss the announcement of VE PRO 5?!? Was it posted on these forums anywhere? Or on the news page. Haven't seen anything about it.


  • That's the reason I posted this thread, asking if SoS published the report too early for VSL. Usually it's VSL that goes first :) See the link at the very start of my original post.

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    @Another User said:

    Nice surprise 😊 Hopefully midi tempo can be freely adjusted when not used with a host, so far in standalone everything runs with 120bpm and can not be adjusted.

    Plugin latency compensation, fully mappable automation and adjustable tempo (as well as MIDI clock sync) in standalone will all be available in VE Pro 5.

  • Hi everybody, 

    SOS was indeed very fast there, and it´s amazing that this gets such a great resonance [:)]

    We´re looking forward to the UK Tour, and the tour will soon be announced in our newsletter.

    We will take a little more time for the presentation of VE PRO 5 and MIR PRO, as beta-testing is still going on and we will be able to improve quite a few details (e.g., we´re just trying to make the solution for additional MIDI Ports for VE PRO even more comfortable). 

    Thanks for your interest and of course for your patience! These new products will be worth it. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul for the additional info. With three major the only items on my wishlist being announced as functional (full automation, audio input, more than 16 MIDI channels), the resonance doesn't surprise me at all. I'm sure many other users were hoping for the same development, since the software was practically begging for it itself :)

  • Thanks Karel, just for a better understanding, when you say fully mappable automation, do we talk full plugin automation here, say Omnisphere, Kontakt etc can be automated from within VePro 5? Or am I dreaming? ;)

  • If you're dreaming, reality will surpass or at least match your dream.

  •  Thanks for the info. Looking forward to VE Pro 5.


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    @Karel said:

    If you're dreaming, reality will surpass or at least match your dream.

    Bloodyfeckinfantastic! :-)

  • This is gonna be GREAT for us DP users. Thank You !!!!!!