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  • Stuck notes with DP 7.24 and VE Pro 4.1.8008

    i've got two, 8-core macs with 14 and 10 gigs of RAM, each running 10.6.8. i've got a very sparse sequence -- 4 or 5 midi tracks and 4 or 5 audio tracks. ve pro is hosting PLAY (running hollywood strings and Ra) and kontakt 4. all software is the latest version as of this past weekend. of particular note is the fact that it's always the hollywood strings VI that gets stuck. granted, it's the only instrument playing longer, sustained notes. so, it could be a function of the type of part that's being played. but over the last several weeks, not one stuck note in either Ra or kontakt. while i'd like the bug to be squashed, of course, it would be a lot easier to deal with if VEP responded to DP's all-notes-off commands. but it does not. nor can i find an all-notes-off command within VE Pro itself (this would be beyond handy). i've also tried: - disarming the track on machine 1 - disconnecting the instance machine 1 - turning off the VEP power engine - closing/reopening windows in VEP NOTHING works, except fully quitting VEP and relaunching the metaframe. (and it goes without saying what a show-stopper that is.) all suggestions are welcome. thanks.