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  • I see only 8 Midi Out in Cubase but VEP is setting for 16 midi channel

    Hi i am using cubase 5 with VEP and have a the VEP server preferences i am setting 16 midi and 32 audio channel with 4 threads per instances. when i open VEP in cubase 5 like VST3 i see only 8 midi out and not you know why? thanks Emy.

  • Have you set this Preference on both the master and slave computers?


  • mmmm no only in the can i set in master computer? when i open VEP like vst3 in cubase 5 the main interface have only decouple, all and connect buttons

  • Start the server on the master machine and then set it in Preferences, just like you would on the slave machine..


  • in the VE Pro server window, not in the VE Pro plugin window in cubase