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  • How to create a network between Macs 10.6 (10.7) and windows 7 64bit


    i need to create a network between a Master computer running MacOs 10.6 (let's see with 10.7) and a slave computer running W7 64bit with VEpro.

    Anyone have some smart tutorial to do this?



  • 1.  Set the IP Address manually on the MAC to

    2.  Set the IP Address manually on the PC to

    3.  Set BOTH subnet masks to

    4.  Connect the two of them together directly with a network cable.



  • Hi! I was just about to ask the same thing so I was happy to find this. I configured my PC and Mac to these connections, and it seems to have been successful because I can connect to the PC via remote desktop. Strangely enough my VEpro server doesn't show up in Cubase though, despite it asking me to allow a connection to it in "Little Snitch" (an app for allowing and denying connections. are there any more settings in Windows 7 that I might have to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

  • is the firewall on, on the Mac ? on the PC ?

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  • Hi Cyril! I was actually able to connect to the instances on the PC by just entering it in manually in the server interface. Kinda strange that they didn't pop up on their own - but yeah it's working. :-)