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  • Vienna Ensemble and Instruments problem

    I purchased the Special Edition Standard Bundle and I have been using it in Logic with Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Instruments Pro. Vienna Ensemble started flashing on and off on my screen and Vienna Instruments Pro no longer shows up. Does that mean I have to buy Vienna Instruments Pro AND Vienna Ensemble or just Vienna Instruments Pro? I have been using the FREE Vienna Vienna Ensemble which I guess comes with a demo version of Vienna Instruments Pro. This is money out of my pocket so I want to make sure I only buy what I need... which would be hundreds of dollars less if it is just VI Pro. Also, can I buy and Download VI Pro from the website to start using it immediately? -Travis

  • If you want to continue using VI Pro, you have to pay for it. Alternatively, if you are not using any of the advanced features, just change the project over to regular VI.


  • Thanks. So you think I only need to purches VI Pro? Can I download it from this site?

  • Yes, it only comes as a download. You just have to make sure that you download the licence to your eLicenser. You may not need to download anything else, as VI Pro is already installed on your computer. However, it's always good to have the latest software from both VSL and eLicenser.